Best Cyber Monday Deals for Dogs

Best Cyber Monday Deals for Dogs

Black Friday is widely regarded as the busiest shopping event of the year, but Cyber Monday has also been gaining traction in the past few years. It takes place on the first Monday after Black Friday.

In other words, the transition period between both events isn’t too long. Once Black Friday is over, you can prepare to hunt for deals on Cyber Monday. Black Friday deals can be found in-stores and online. Meanwhile, Cyber Monday is more tied to online shopping, so there’s no need to leave the house to seek those deals.

Just open your laptop and start searching for those offers. Here are some of the best best Cyber Monday deals for dogs. is reader-supported, and as an Amazon Associate, we earn commissions from qualifying purchases (at no extra cost to you). See our disclaimer page for more information.

Best Cyber Monday Deals for Dogs

1. PetSafe Freedom Replacement Flap for Dog- Medium – PAC11-11038

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If you want to give your dog the freedom to go inside and outside of the house, you can put this flap on your door. It comes with a magnetic closure to provide extra protection against harsh weather conditions.

Setup is easy because all you need is a screwdriver. It has dimensions of 8 1/8 in x 12 7/8 inches with holes lining on the top side for easy adjustment.

For the record, PetSafe has been a trusted brand for almost 3 decades, so there’s no need to worry about the quality of their products.

2. Downtown Pet Supply Dog Pet Waste Poop Bags with Leash Clip and Bag Dispenser – 180, 220, 500, 700, 880, 960, 2200 Bags

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Cleaning is part of the routine in taking care of a dog. It’s not just the fur, but also the poop. This container can help you keep the dog’s poop temporarily.

While dogs often pass solid stools, there are times when they’re a bit runny. Thanks to the leak-proof design, you can clean up his poop without a mess. Each bag has a capacity of 10 lbs, so it can hold quite a lot.

By the way, the product comes with a dispenser, making it easy to take one out from the roll. Besides, the bags also have perforations to help you separate them effortlessly.

The dispenser comes in a dog bone design, which looks very cute, anyway.

3. Dog Camera – TENVIS 1080P Pet Camera with Phone App Speaker, Motion Detection, 2-Way Audio, Night Vision, with Android & iOS APP

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Cyber Monday is the right time to search for electronic deals. Are you looking for a security camera for your dog? If you’re in need of a cam to monitor your dog, this can be an option.

To start with, this product is moderately-priced. And for the sum, you already get a camera with a 1080p FHD resolution along with excellent features like broad range night vision. With this camera, you can keep an eye on your lovable pet day and night.

The night vision especially is important to provide clear low-light footage. Another useful feature is two-way audio, which allows you to speak to your dog even when you’re not physically present.

4. Dog Back Seat Cover Protector Waterproof Scratchproof Nonslip Hammock for Dogs

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Some owners let their dogs sit on the backseat during a trip. This is not a problem at all if you don’t see it as an issue. But we’d love to tell you that there are car seats designed for dogs.

Car seats are synonymous with kids, but since this is made for dogs, it’s slightly different in terms of design. It looks like a whole bed designed to fit in the backseat. It measures 54″ x 58″, which is large enough to fit in the backseats of most cars. Whether it is a SUV or a smaller one, there should be enough space for that.

With a top layer of superior 600D Oxford waterproof cotton and a middle layer of Oxford 210D waterproof cotton, your seats will always be clean. If your pet has soiled the seat cover, just clean it with a damp towel or vacuum it. So don’t worry about liquid spills!

5. Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl, Hiking Dog Bowl for Large Dogs, Lightweight, Sturdy, Leak Proof, Food Safe, Premium Quality Travel Pet Bowl Solution

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There are a few considerations in choosing a dog bowl for a large breed, like material, size, capacity, etc. This product is one that we’d recommend. It is suitable for large breeds because it has a robust construction.

It’s also spacious enough to hold lots of dry food. The collapsible design boosts its versatility. You can use it not only for large dogs, but also medium ones.

If you’re concerned about safety, hopefully, the 100% BPA free label puts your mind at ease. Cleaning is also easy because it’s dishwasher washable.

6. Pet Qwerks Dinosaur BarkBone Chew Toy – Tough Durable Nearly Indestructible Bone for Extreme Aggressive Chewers

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Nobody wishes to have an aggressive dog, but dogs can be unpredictable at times. The best thing you can do as an owner is to train him properly and learn how to drain his boundless energy because if not, it can lead to a destructive behavior.

One common problem in dogs is excessive chewing. If you notice that he likes to chew things, buy him a toy meant for this purpose instead of letting him destroy your personal belongings. It’s made of FDA approved nylon, suitable for heavy chewers. It’s normal for a dog that’s teething to behave like this.

But even if yours isn’t at this stage of his life, this toy can still help. It provides many benefits. Besides helping him control the urge to chew, it can also improve gum health.

7. Amazon Brand – Wag Treats, Chicken and Waffle Bites

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This is for owners who are seeking dog treats to promote good behavior and health. The dog food contains ingredients that are sourced in the USA. The protein content is derived from chicken, which is a common choice for foods and treats.

According to the product page, it’s free of potential allergens, like soy and wheat. Besides, the flavor is also all natural. Since it’s a treat, you can use it as a reward in training, or you can also give it as a part of his daily diet.

8. Bissell BARKBATH QT – QuietTone Portable Dog Bath and Grooming System

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Need a personal assistance to groom your dog? This product can help you with that.

Cleaning a dog can be a mundane routine, but dogs don’t need be washed too often. If you’d love to have some help to clean your dog, consider buying this machine.

Does it look like a vacuum cleaner to you? Well, the operation is a bit similar. This portable device comes with a hose and a nozzle to clean up dirt and dead hairs from your pet’s fur. You’re supposed to run the nozzle through the coat.

At first, it may make him uncomfortable, but he would get over it eventually. This cleaning method is claimed to be more efficient than traditional bathing. There’s no need to waste water anymore.

9. TOMKAS Dog Carrier for Small Dogs Puppy Carrier for Small Dogs

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Sometimes it feels unsettling to leave your dog at home alone. Fortunately, with this dog carrier, you no longer have to lock him inside when you leave the house.

If it’s a small breed like the Yorkshire Terrier or Chihuahua , you can tuck him inside this portable bag. It’s made of washable fabric that’s strong enough to prevent tears.

To use it, all you have to do is put the dog in the carrier and then sling the bag across your shoulder. There’s also a compartment for you to store personal items, like a Smartphone, keys, and a wallet. The inside is quite spacious and able to hold a dog weighing up to 10lbs.

10. Loving Pets Coastal Bella Bowl

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00UR4RY8U&Format= SL450 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=dog300 20&language=en US

A dog bowl doesn’t have to be ornamented because it’s more about functionality than looks. But even so, it doesn’t hurt to pick a nice-looking bowl for your loveable pet.

This looks like a regular bowl on the inside with its metallic color, but the exterior tells a different story. There’s a cute bone pattern all over, which adds a new flavor to it. If you’re bored of the same stainless steel bowls, this can be an alternative.

The outside is coated with poly-resin, which is why it has a quite different texture. It comes with a rubber base to stop it from sliding while feeding your dog.

11. Dogit Dog Food and Water Bowl, BPA-Free Dog Dish, Non-Skid Dog Bowl

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00JM9SYAS&Format= SL450 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=dog300 20&language=en US

This is another bowl with a cool design. The material is totally different from the previous product. As you can see, the bowl appeals transparent, which means it doesn’t use stainless steel.

Stainless is very recognizable with its metallic color. This bowl uses BPA-free plastic, instead, which is responsible for the transparent appearance. You can use it to serve up dog food or treats. It’s also large enough to hold water for him to drink.

The bowl looks pretty in blue, and it’s adorned with bones aka dogs’ favorite food. As with the previous bowl, it also features a non-skid base to make it stay in place when your dog is eating.

12. Nature’s Miracle Supreme Whitening Odor Control Shampoo

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Your dog needs bathing because his coat picks up dirt and dust constantly. When it builds up on the fur, it can cause matting and produce a foul odor.

There’s no need to bathe him every other day because dogs produce natural oil to keep their coat healthy. Besides, overwashing can lead to irritation. This product is formulated with ingredients to help control odor. It acts as a deodorizer.

Once you’ve applied a sufficient amount on his coat, he will remain odorless for quite a while. Apart from eliminating odor, it’s also effective for cleaning the dog’s skin and fur.

13. Gooby Dog Harness – Comfort X Step-in Small Dog Harness with Patented Choke-Free X Frame

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00YGZCBI4&Format= SL450 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=dog300 20&language=en US

It’s advised to put a collar on a dog before you take it for a walk. However, you should know that a collar is not the only option available. There are also harnesses and leashes, all of which have different characteristics.

If you have a large dog and need a restraint that offers the best comfort, then a harness is the answer. It distributes pressure evenly throughout his body, unlike a collar that tends to strangle the neck when he’s trying to pull away from you.

This product is suitable for dogs weighing up to 30 lbs. It’s also easy to wear. Just put it on the dog by placing his front legs in the respective arm holes. After that, pull it up to tighten.

14. Blackwood Pet Grain Free Dog Treats Made in USA, Natural Dog Treats For Healthy Snacks

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B077K236HZ&Format= SL450 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=dog300 20&language=en US

Treats can be a part of a dog’s diet, but they are not mandatory. They’re typically given as a way to indulge dogs or for training purposes. They can also boost oral hygiene especially the ones with hard textures.

If you want to provide supplementary food to your dog, consider this product. It’s made in the USA with high quality ingredients. The treats are slow-cooked to retain the nutrients and flavor, so it doesn’t need to be enhanced artificially.

The main ingredients are chickpea, duck, and sweet potato. And in case your furry friend has low tolerance to soy, wheat, or corn, none of these ingredients are present, so it should be safe for him to consume.

15. Pet Grooming Glove – Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove – Efficient Pet Hair Remover Mitt – Enhanced Five Finger Design

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01N9KSITZ&Format= SL450 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=dog300 20&language=en US

Touching does wonders for comforting a dog, which is why you need to groom and pet him regularly.

These gloves can trigger a similar sensation will all the tips placed all over them.

They can act as combs. Just rub them all over your dog’s coat, the dirt and mud will be transferred on to the gloves.

Once you’re done with the grooming routine, clean the gloves to wash away the dirt. By the way, these gloves can be used on horses, cats, and other animals as well.

Final Thoughts: Picking Cyber Monday Deals for your Canine

When it comes to the best Cyber Monday deals for dogs, there are many to be found online. It could be a problem if you’re on a limited budget.

Therefore, always plan ahead before you visit your favorite retailer. Make a list of dog products you’re going to buy.

If you want a harness, then add it to the list. If you run out of dog food, then don’t forget to include it. Just be mindful with your spending.

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