4 Calmest Dog Breeds for Those Who Live in Apartments

Laid Back Dog Breeds

People who live in the apartment are often looking for a calm dog.

In this article, we are going to talk about a list of the calmest dog breeds.

The size of those dog breeds has nothing to do with their calm nature.

Aside from being quiet, some of them have a tendency to be lazy as well.

Due to their calm nature, they do not mess with your apartment like any other dog.

Even though being quiet and lazy, they are a good companion for the morning walk.

Walking with them in the park is surely an exciting thing to do.

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4 Calmest Dog Breeds with Good Appearance

1. St. Bernard

Aside from being calm, you might also want a dog with a good appearance.

One of the calmest dog breeds recommended for apartment occupants is St. Bernard.

Calmest Dog Breeds Large

As you can see, this dog has a beautiful fur coat.

The fluffy fur feature of this dog is shed frequently.

Therefore, you might want to make sure that the dog will get proper grooming.

Weekly brushing is all it takes to maintain its fur beautifully.

Additionally, you need to take care of its drool as well since it drools a lot.

2. Great Dane

If you want to protect your apartment, you might need to consider calm large dog breeds.

In this case, Great Dane is a good option.

Calm Large Dog Breeds

Even though the body proportion of this dog is large, the nature of this dog is calm.

It only turns aggressive towards a stranger.

The unfriendly nature towards strangers of this dog makes it a good protector.

The best part about it is when you bring it to the park.

The short fur of this dog allows you to give minimal grooming.

3. Bullmastiff

When it comes to the calmest dog breeds, bullmastiff is one of the options that you can adopt.

The body proportion of bullmastiff is short and thick.

Lazy Dog Breeds For Apartments

Some of them even seem muscular than the rest.

It also has short fur as well. Its golden fur is shed less frequently.

Even though you do not have to be worried about the shedding fur, you need to take care of its drool.

This dog breed is not only calm but also has a tendency to be lazy as well.

4. Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees is our last recommended breed in this list.

You cannot deny that it has beautiful long fur.

Calmest Dog Breeds Medium

Its white fur is often shed. Therefore, you might need to take care of that.

Moreover, it also needs to have frequent grooming. Fortunately, it does not drool a lot.

Despite its big body proportion, it remains calm. It barks less than the other most placid dogs in this list.

Well, have you decided which calmest dog breeds that you want to adopt?

Just use the list above as your reference in choosing the best one.

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