Carolina Dog Breed: Characteristic, Personality, and Care

Carolina Dog Breed – Carolina dog breed or also known as American Dingo is quite rare breed for dog. It is discovered by an expert namely Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin in South Carolina. Some experts also believe that this dog breed may be related closely to first dog that roamed the North with Native American.

If you want to own this kind of dog breed, you may need to know the characteristic, personality, and how to look after them. Sometimes, you can get Carolina dog for sale in certain pet store with affordable price. is reader-supported, and as an Amazon Associate, we earn commissions from qualifying purchases (at no extra cost to you). See our disclaimer page for more information.

Carolina Dog Breed: Characteristic, Personality, and Care

Carolina Dog Breed
Carolina Dog Breed
Scientific name: Canis lupus familiaris
Height: 18 – 24 in.
Mass: 33 – 44 lbs
Origin: United States of America
Temperament: Loyal, Adaptable, Reserved, Gentle, Primitive
Colors: Tan, Red Ginger, Yellow, Beige, Red Sable, Orange
Carolina Dog Breeds
Carolina Dog Breeds

1. Physical characteristic

Carolina dog breed has medium size with general look of wolf or small jackal combined with sighthound features. UKC standard or United Kennel Club stated that typically the dog has straight back in medium length with curly distinctive tail and tucked up loin. The tail it has looks like fish hook in the end. Besides, Carolina dog has upright ears with large size as well.

This dog’s coats are affected by seasons. You will notice that it is going to be heavier during winter than during warmer weather. It has smooth and short hair on ears, front legs, and head with course guard hair that is longer over wither, back, and neck.

According to UKC standard, preferred color of this dog breed is deep color of red ginger combined with buff markings which is pale along muzzle and over shoulders part. However, other color variation is also acceptable. Carolina dog can be found in tan and black, black blanket back, and piebald spotting too.

2. Temperament and personality

For information, this dog breed has high level of activity. It typically performs well in agility training and obedience, Frisbee competition, and in other physical activity.

These dogs bond well with human pack. It tends to get along with other pets quite well, especially if this dog is raised early together in same home. Carolina dog breed also has strong instinct for hunting. It can be suspicious and shy around strangers, but affectionate around more familiar people.

3. Health and care

Carolina dog is said to be healthy breed in general. To care this dog, it is the best to look after them in loving home of active family dog. You can keep them healthy and happy through games, daily walks, hiking trip, and occasional camping.

It is not that difficult to take care of this Carolina dog breed. If you know the characteristic and personality of Carolina dog as well as how to look after it, you can have affectionate dog as your best buddy.

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