Cur Dog Breed for Challenging Task And Temperament

Cur Dog Personality – If you are looking for family dog that you expect to be restful at home, cur dog breed is not the perfect one. This breed loves challenge and adventure by nature. You might need to take them for enough walk everyday if you intend to make them as watch dog. is reader-supported, and as an Amazon Associate, we earn commissions from qualifying purchases (at no extra cost to you). See our disclaimer page for more information.

The Nature Cur Dog Breed

Cur Dog Breed
Cur Dog Breed

The appearance of cur dog breed gives a hint on how they will act and their common trait. Cur dogs have gallant look and strong jaws which support their cur look. You would not like to mess with them especially when they are stranger to you or vice versa. As mentioned before, this bold look dog is actually good to keep as watch dog.

It is not friendly at all to strangers even when they intend no harm. The fact that it is quiet sensitive to unfamiliar being tells you that cur breeds are not suitable to keep in apartment or tacky neighborhood.

Urban area is not a suitable habitat for this dog unless it is kept in police department or any other hunting agencies. Common city people are not the best master for them. Even when this dog needs less maintenance and grooming, you should think of their nature which entails their psychological needs.

Black Mouth Cur Breeders
Black Mouth Cur Breeders

Cur dog personality is somehow interesting. The doubtless and tenacious traits make them a perfect hunting companion. Not only that they have good nose to hunt squirrels and other woods animals, but this masculine look breed also guard very well.

They are very protective to their owners and also loyal. When dangerous sense is felt, cur dog breed will unstoppably bark to warn the master. They are willing to face any thread to protect their master even sacrifice themselves.

Cur Dog Personality
Cur Dog Personality

It protects you when you are home since the signal it launches is so loud.  Training cur dogs is best done when they are at very young age. It is easier to train them as they are still growing to also grow the attachment to the trainers and the family. The younger you adopt, the more loyal they will be. Also, you could spend the safe 12 to 16 years with the lovely guardian’s life span.

Keeping a dog pet is not simply picking one you like. It is necessary to consider the basic instinct and nature. Cur dog breed probably does not match for kids friends, but it is lovable creature for hunters and those who love to seek for challenges.

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