Best Dog Food for Beagles

Best Dog Food for Beagles: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2022

Although dogs eat anything we put in their bowls, they’d appreciate meat more than anything. Modern dogs aren’t that different than their ancestors in terms of eating habits. They are carnivores that depend largely on meat.

Because of this, many commercial dog foods we see today always include at least one protein source. It could be chicken, turkey, lamb meal, or a combination of them.

A high protein diet is not exclusive to certain dog breeds. Every dog needs that, apparently. If you have a Beagle, you can look for dry food because it’s every owner’s favorite food.

Dry food isn’t just complete nutritionally but also has a long shelf-life. It can last for months as long as it’s tightly sealed because exposure to air can degrade its quality.

Do you know the best food for Beagles?

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Best Dog Foods for Beagles in 2022

1. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Beagle Adult Dry Dog Food

best beagle food

Royal Canin understands what every dog owner needs. This food is good for Beagles because it has a satiating effect. He won’t be sniffing around for food after he finished his meal. It’s also packed with nutrients to promote healthy joints as well as bones. It’s paramount for the Beagle to have an athletic build because this dog is active.

Another advantage that this product has to offer is a unique kibble size. It’s designed only for his square muzzle, which means he can chew it without a problem. Besides, the calorie count per serving is sufficient to meet his needs.

Don’t worry about weight because it won’t easily cause a weight gain as long as you feed him the right amount. Even a portion of food with reduced calories will still lead to a weight gain if it’s given to a dog excessively. In other words, moderation is key.

2. Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Medium Adult Dry Dog Food

best food for beagles

Finding dog foods for all sizes is easier than finding foods for specific breeds. If you can’t find one from your favorite manufacturer, this can be a substitute. It’s from Royal Canin, so quality should be the least of your concern.

Unlike the previous food that’s developed for the Beagle, this covers more breeds. Whether it’s the Beagle or another, as long as it’s medium-sized, you can give him this.

By the way, the food is not for puppies. It is formulated for adult dogs aged 1-7 years old. It has a mixture of essential nutrients, including antioxidants and prebiotics. They are vital for the dog’s immune system and digestion. There are also EPA and DHA to ensure that he maintains healthy skin and coat.

With countless choices, it can be hard to make a decision. The best solution is a well-known brand like Royal Canin. All the products under this brand are well-researched, so they would be good for any dog they’re aimed at.

3. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Adult Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food

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This is a wholesome food with protein from farm-raised chicken. A balanced diet includes more than just protein. It also needs a certain amount of carbs because they are a fuel source that’s easily converted into energy.

This product gets carbs from sweet potatoes and brown rice. It can provide well-rounded nutrients to your loveable Beagle.

Adding it to the diet can help him maintain strong muscles. Meanwhile, the fiber content is beneficial for keeping digestive issues at bay. Besides, it can have a good impact on stool quality.

4. PetGuard All Natural Wet Canned Food for Dogs

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Pet owners give their dogs kibble because it has many advantages. Firstly, kibble is nutrient-dense as it contains a lot of ingredients that cover the essential nutrients. Secondly, kibble has a longer shelf-life compared to wet food.

However, this doesn’t make wet food less appealing, especially to dogs. Dogs actually love wet food more due to the higher palatability and higher water content. Besides, it also has a stronger smell, so it’s more tantalizing to his olfactory sense.

There are no potential allergens in this product, like soy. And it’s free of artificial ingredients, meaning you shouldn’t worry about side effects commonly associated with them.

With this product, the company puts an effort into providing a balanced diet to your dog with a proper mix of proteins, veggies, grains, and other nutrients.

5. Exclusive ‘Purina Animal Nutrition Puppy Chicken Brown Rice

best beagle puppy food

This food is for puppies of small and medium breeds. The Beagle is quite small, but not that small that it can also belong to the medium category. If you have a young Beagle and are looking for food, this can be an option.

It’s formulated for puppies less than 1-year-old. It contains protein and fat in good amounts to support his growth. Besides, it doesn’t have soy, wheat, and other ingredients known for causing allergies. Meanwhile, the DHA and EPA are fundamental for cognitive functioning and proper visual development.

Conclusion – Top Rated Dog Food for Beagles

The Beagle is full of energy. Despite the small size, the dog always seems to have boundless energy to play around with. That means he needs a diet focused on protein because this nutrient is the building block of muscles. The Beagle is in no way a muscular dog, but muscles are important to any dog.

Having strong muscles means his joints and bones will be under less stress. Keep in mind that joints are one of the most affected parts of a dog’s body. Many dogs develop joint problems as they age.

Therefore, you must be careful in choosing food for him. Not only does it have to meet the nutritional requirements, but it should also contain ingredients to promote joint health.

While protein is great, it can’t support every aspect of his health. There are certain nutrients that can improve his health in a way that protein can’t. After all, different nutrients are processed differently in the body. It’s also important to choose the best food for Beagles without potential allergens especially if your dog is prone to stomach upset.

Each breed has a fair share of health problems. As a responsible owner, you should know common problems associated with the breed you’re raising. This way, you can prevent or at least delay the onset of those problems.

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