Getting to Know Bolognese Dog Breed (Information, Characteristics & Facts)

Bolognese Dog Breed

Bolognese dog breed is one of the most favorite among other breeds due to its physical appearance and its overloaded cuteness.

Its small characteristic came from bichon type of breed. Bolognese dogs originally come from Italy. The name is derived from the city in northern Italy called Bologna.

A lot of people pet this breed because it is so fluffy and classified as a family dog and loyal companion.

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Facts about Bolognese Dog Breed

Bolognese Dog Breed
Bolognese Dog Breed

Hypoallergenic: Yes
Life span: 12 – 14 years
Color: White
Temperament: Docile, Loyal, Reserved, Enterprising, Serious
Height: Female: 10–11 inches (25–28 cm), Male: 11–12 inches (27–30 cm)
Weight: Female: 5.5–8.8 lbs (2.5–4 kg), Male: 5.5–8.8 lbs (2.5–4 kg)


History has recorded that this breed has existed since 1200. Bolognese dog breed was a inseparable part of Italian aristocracy with royal ancestry.

The long existence of this breed has been proven and documented in form of art works. Flemish craftsmen made some tapestries depicted the body of this kind of dog breed back in 17th century.

Furthermore, this breed was once painted by a painter from Venetia and seen in the paintings of some other talented Italian painters such as Goya and Watteau

Bolognese Dog Breed Pictures
Bolognese Dog Breed Pictures

Physical Features

Bolognese dog breed possesses approximately 10 to 12 height inches and weigh ranges between 6 to 10 lbs. The male and the female are different in height.

The most distinctive feature of this breed is the white coat covering up the whole body. The texture of the coat is really woolly and soft.

That is why this needs combing on regular basis to prevent it from falling out and matting the floor. Besides, brushing and grooming are highly suggested for the better care.


Bolognese puppy breed is considered laid-back, intelligent, loyal, cheerful, energetic, and always eager to learn.

Compared to its closest type, Bolognese is not really hyperactive. This one is more reserved. One of the great traits from this breed is its responsiveness and its obedience.

Being sociable with the other dogs, this breed is always naturally and strongly bonded to whom it spends most of the time.

That upbringing is one reason why this breed makes a great companionship with a good relationship with the owner. At the same time, it is the defining factor why this dog will not do well if it is left alone for a very long period.

It is a good choice to pet Bolognese dog breed to become your home company or the dog watching over your home or neighborhood.

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