How Many Dog Breeds Are There? and Their Tops List?

How Many Dog Breeds Are There – There is still restless debate when asking for how many dog breeds are there. People use dog for many purposes, such as working, hunting, guarding, military, or just pet. Dog breeds are estimated to reach more than three hundreds, which take time to learn all of them. In general, there is not definite way to categorize dogs into several groups. You may find dogs with different size, task, lineage, region, etc.

Some Breeds to Answer How Many Dog Breeds are there?

How Many Dog Breeds Are There
How Many Dog Breeds Are There
  • Labrador Retriever

It is the top list of popular dog, which is easy to recognize when you see it at park. For your information, this dog is more than for pet besides people use as many tasks. Health service gives much attention for dog training in order to assist disability patient. How many dog breeds are there as popular ones? Labrador retriever has close relation with Golden one that’s also part of popular breed.

  • Chihuahua

Based on research, dog breeds in the world came from grey wolf. They share similar DNA and put on the same genus. Human turned dog into domesticated animal since long time ago. Chihuahua is one of breeds with small size. This breed is suitable to keep at home or apartment without spending much space.

  • Rottweiler

Rottweiler is another dog with many owners in the world. It is dog with many capabilities such as herding, guarding, and special task. In urban area, this dog is good to accompany when you run in the morning. You may bring this dog to play at park. Good nature and fun characteristic make this dog suitable for child after preliminary training.

  • German Shepherd

Dogs with higher intelligence will transform into special job, such as police job, rescue mission, or disability assistance. The most popular dog for police squad is German shepherd. It was originally for herding and guarding ranch. This breed is top choice for military and police task force. With five repetitions, German shepherd is able to perform better task than the other breeds.

Tracking, sniffing, and detection are their tasks. Besides them, some breeds are also capable to help catching the suspect. How many dog breeds are there in the world? You cannot take away German shepherd out of list.

Dog breeds can be divided into two big groups. Firstly, they are closely related that share same traits. The rest is pure breed which is only available in certain region. How many breeds of dogs are there in the world? Hundreds of breeds are already recorded, but there are still non-recorded ones which need to consider.

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