The Largest Dog Breed In The World: Yes..They Do Exist!

Largest Dog Breed In The World – What do you have in mind when discussing about largest dog breed in the world?

Well, these breeds are existed with height more than average of big dog. For your information, dog is divided into several categories, based on the size. There are big, small, and medium dogs. Of course, these categories are not definite, but you can tell the largest dog just from its size.

Some of The Largest Dog Breeds in the World

#1. Great Dane

When It comes to discussing about largest dog breed in the world, you can’t ignore this breed. Great Dane is considered breed with the height more than normal. You will get this dog with height between 28 and 30 inch.

This breed comes from German which is called as German Mastiff. For the record, this dog is not pure breed because of hybrid between mastiff and wolfhound. Record stated that the tallest Great Dane reaches 44-inch.

Largest Dog Breed
Largest Dog Breed

#2. Neapolitan Mastiff

It is a breed with the height between 26 and 30 inch. As part of mastiff, Neapolitan is good for protector or guarding. You can enjoy this dog for having cheerful activity. However, this dog tends to be quite in certain time and likes to sneak around without every noticing directly. Of course, you can’t miss the big size.

This breed has weight around 110 pounds. Weight and height are the factors to determine whether the dog is able to put in largest list or not. Both aspects are essential in the list of largest dog breed.

Largest Dog Breed In The World
Largest Dog Breed In The World

#3. Scottish Deerhound

This breed is considered as old one in the world. In past time, people used this dog for hunting because it has capability to recognize target far away. Nowadays, this dog is still good for guarding and protective task due to the strong figure and characteristics. Based on data, Scottish deerhound is able to reach 32-inch. Therefore, you can’t miss this one as the largest dog breed in the world.

Before exploring them one by one, you need to know certain things about big dog and largest size. You may have Chihuahua as small category, but your Chihuahua is not as small as other. It has size more than average and larger than Rottweiler.

Largest Dog Breed In The World 2018
Largest Dog Breed In The World 2021

In this case, your dog is not normal and can’t be included in this list. In above section, the list for largest breed of dog is only for the breeds where the majority of dogs in certain breed have big size. For example, mastiff is categorized as the largest dog breed in the world. All of mastiff will have similar trait due to genetic and DNA.

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