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Best Dog Strollers for Small Dogs: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Small dogs are people’s most favorite pet friends. They are extremely adorable with their large innocent puppy eyes that make you feel enchanted to them.

Also, they need lower maintenance than large dogs and easier to carry in your tote bag (thank you, Paris Hilton!), pet carriers, or with your dog strollers.

Wait, what? Dog strollers?

Indeed, the idea of strollers for dogs might be a little bit strange and absurd for some people.

You may be thinking that your dearest pet-friends are supposed to be let out and feel their paws on the ground, strolling and running with their tails wagging in joy.

On the other hand, most parents of small dogs will understand how tricky it is to go on a stroll, especially in crowded areas.

Small dogs are too tiny and too risky to carry on a leash; they can get trampled on, not to mention their ability to get away and run towards the street, whereas wearing a dog carrier all the time can put a strain on your body.

This is where dog strollers come in handy! Small dog parents can carry their babies everywhere without worrying about their safety.

Furthermore, dog strollers are lifesavers if you are a pet parent who owns multiple small dogs.

Surely, you are not going to put all of them in your tote bag or carriers, aren’t you? Because that’s just pure torture!

By using a dog stroller, imagine how easy it is to carry your babies on those trips to the vets, or simply strolling on the sidewalk, without having your bunch of fuzzy little friends dragging you to multiple directions!

So, are you interested in getting one for your small dogs? Check out our recommended dog strollers below! is reader-supported, and as an Amazon Associate, we earn commissions from qualifying purchases (at no extra cost to you). See our disclaimer page for more information.

The Best Dog Strollers for Small Dogs in 2022

1. 4-Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller for Cats/Dogs by Paws & Pals

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Available in four different colors, Paws & Pals’ 4 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller is one of the most popular pet strollers.

With its roomy compartment that can fit two to three small dogs, depending on the size, 4 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller allows your small dogs to travel safely and conveniently behind an enclosed, zipped-up basket, with an almost clear view of what is happening outside through the stroller’s ventilation mesh screen windows.

These mesh screens will keep your babies safe from bugs and excessive dust.

The stroller is also featured with a large undercarriage storage compartment to keep your dog’s supplies, meds, and toys, as well as two cup holders and a tray for your own stuff.

In case you want your babies to stroll around for a while, you can attach the leash on the clips, and if you forgot to bring one, it has a built-in leash already!

This stroller is, by far, considered as the number one and the best dog stroller for small dogs.

What We Like:

  • Affordable price.
  • 360 degrees front wheels rotations.
  • Retractable Waterproof Rain Hood.
  • Easy folds for maximum convenient transport.
  • Built-in leash, leash clip, and cup holders are available.

What We Don’t:

  • Some users reported troubles with the wheels.

2. T13 3-Wheel Stroller by BestPet

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T13 3-Wheel Stroller by BestPet is available in five beautiful colors. Its lightweight and in steering, with the 360-degree-rotatable front wheel, will be comfortable for dedicated dog parents.

Featured with sturdy and waterproof material, T13 3-Wheel Stroller will protect your dearest pups from getting wet, as well as allow better ventilation and access for them to look around more conveniently with its two mesh screen windows.

The stroller also provides large storage compartment under the carrier to store your dogs’ treats and supplies, as well as a tray with two cup holders for your own things like keys, phone, and tumbler. It also has rear brakes and safety tether to keep your dogs safe.

What is more, the stroller has a cute design with a large pet compartment that allows you to carry multiple small dogs.

If you own puppies as small as normal-sized Chihuahuas, you can fit up to 3 of your Chihuahua babies.

Dogs LOVE this stroller! It is so comfy that some pet parents found their dog-napping inside even when they are not going anywhere.

What We Like:

  • Affordable price.
  • Lightweight and made of durable materials.
  • Additional mattress pad.
  • Tray and cup holders are available.

What We Don’t:

  • 3 wheels, not enough support for uneven pavement.
  • No built-in leash.
  • No weather cover.

3. Foldable 4-Wheel Pet Stroller by VIVO

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Get your first-class travel for your babies with Foldable 4-Wheel Pet Stroller by VIVO!

The stroller is equipped with three points of securely-zipped entries with a mesh screen that allow convenient access for your small dogs.

In addition, it has a large pet compartment that can fit up to three small dogs depending on the weight and sizes, up to 30 lbs in total.

What is more, the 4-wheeled system provides better support for a safer and smoother ride for your dogs in various different types of roads.

The stroller is easy to assemble and even easier to fold down with only a simple release button on either side.

You are also facilitated with large storage under the compartment and a tray that can hold two cups and a phone.

VIVO’s foldable 4-Wheel Pet Stroller comes fully assembled except only for the wheels.

There are reports from some users that it has unclear instructions, but they can assemble the wheels themselves pretty easily.

What We Like:

  • Affordable price.
  • Lightweight and spacious to hold pets up to 30 lbs.
  • Comfortable Padded Interior Bottom
  • Dual cup holders and center tray are available.

What We Don’t:

  • Limited colors.
  • No built-in leash.
  • No weather cover.
  • Fussy zipper.
  • Not built for heavy-duty.

4. 3-Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller for Cats/Dogs by Paws & Pals

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Paws and Pals’ 3 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller is basically similar to the 4-wheeled version, except that it is designed with 3 wheels, which means that it might not be as strong.

However, the stroller is unquestionably built with all the safety standards needed for your dearest dogs.

It features 360 degrees front wheel rotation for better maneuverable turning, as well as 3 zippered points of entry with mesh screen windows for easier access.

A cushioned mattress is available for the best seat for your dogs, allowing them to rest comfortably inside while you are doing your activities, along with its rear lock brakes to make sure that the stroller stays when you want it to stay.

Paws and Pals’ 3 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller is also completed with a tray two cup holders, and a large storage compartment under the carriage you can use for your belongings.

You can always add some extra paddings with blankets or pillow if you think that the mattress is not thick enough for your babies.

Some users find it a good thing that there are no straps inside because their babies will be able to move freely without having to worry about being entangled.

What We Like:

  • Affordable price.
  • Cushioned mattress.
  • Shock absorption on the front wheel.
  • Built-in leash, leash clip, and cup holders are available.

What We Don’t:

  • Only 3 wheels made of plastic, not enough support.
  • Instructions for assembly are not clear enough.

5. Foldable 3-Wheel Pet Stroller by VIVO

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Another best dog stroller for small dogs is VIVO is Foldable 3-Wheel Pet Stroller, a simple and unique designed stroller with three points of entry access for better and more convenient un/loading of your small furry friends.

The stroller is also equipped with a padded bottom to provide maximum comfort while your dog is resting inside.

It also provides fully breathable mesh screen windows to prevent bugs and excessive dust disturbing their cozy rides, plus a great viewing experience from those windows.

Moreover, the top mesh window allows you to keep watching your babies and see how they are doing inside.

All these are great features for you to experience safer and more convenient quality time with your dogs.

The stroller’s large pet compartment can hold up to two small dogs as long as their weights add up to 30lbs in total.

Besides, it is highly convenient that the entire stroller is easily collapsed with only a button on the top handle, and is also featured with a storage compartment, dual cup holders, and center tray.

What We Like:

  • Padded mattress.
  • Better watch from the top mesh screen window.
  • Easily folded down with only a button.
  • Dual cup holders and center tray are available.
  • Various colors are ready.

What We Don’t:

  • Slightly more expensive.
  • Not recommended for rough terrains

6. No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller by Pet Gear

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Most people consider this stroller as the best dog stroller for small dogs for its most convenient and easy of use.

No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller is known for its easy-locking without too much zipping.

You simply need to open and close the latch to gain access to your dogs, hassle-free!

Specially designed by the world-renowned company, Pet Gear, the stroller is worth the cost for it provides special features like panoramic view window that allows your dogs to have a full perspective of what is going on out there, with 3 positions of the canopy.

Moreover, the stroller is also easily maneuvered and designed with large 6” 4 wheels equipped with front shock absorbers for better riding experience, even on rough terrains.

The pet compartment is not as large but can support up to 35 lbs of pet weight.

Nevertheless, some users reported difficulties in assembling the strollers due to its confusing instruction manual, so if you decide to purchase this stroller, you might need to find other more helpful sources.

What We Like:

  • No zip, no hassle.
  • Full panoramic view.
  • Large 4 wheels.
  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Cup holders and tray are available.

What We Don’t:

  • More expensive.
  • Smaller pet compartment.
  • No rain cover.

Picking Good Dog Strollers for Small Dogs

We now know that dog strollers are important, especially for small dogs. Therefore, it is imperative to choose the best stroller depending on the needs of both of you.

For that reason, there are several points to pay attention before deciding on which stroller to purchase:


It is extremely vital that you choose a dog stroller that can ensure the safety of your dogs. Therefore, makes sure that your stroller is designed according to the international safety standards, and made of strong, durable, and high-quality materials, with no unnecessary hidden holes so your dogs will not slip and fall.

Safety is the main reason why you need the best dog stroller for small dogs of yours, isn’t it? So safety should be your first and foremost priority in finding one.


Choose a dog stroller appropriately according to the size of your dog. There are various dog strollers available for small dogs out there, but even small dogs have their own measures, so pick accordingly.

Besides, if you have multiple dogs, you need to make sure that your stroller can fit all your dogs inside. After all, there is no point in buying one if you still have to leave one of your babies behind, right?


How you will be using your dog stroller is also an important point to note. Will you be using it for strolling in the park? Malls?

For jogging? – you might need extra features for this one and that makes a stroller can be categorized as best dog stroller for jogging.

Or simply walk around the block? Pick a stroller that suits your needs.


Last but not least, choose the best stroller that works smoothly on your locations or destinations.

In what kind of a place are you living? Does it rain a lot? Sunny or windy?

Is it in the mountains (if you live in such location, better read our article about the best dog stroller for hiking first) or a beach? Does it have a lot of bugs?

Make sure your stroller can provide enough protection for your dogs from the weather and their surroundings.

What is the best dog stroller?

The best dog stroller is a stroller that can provide the best safety, comfort, and protection for your dogs, especially when they are smaller and have limited mobility.

How do you train a dog to ride in a stroller?

  • Start out slowly. Set up your stroller somewhere near the dog station for them to investigate.
  • Introduce the stroller to your dog carefully. Give treats if they can remain calm and play with their favorite toys near the stroller. If they’re not ready, go back to a distance that they’re comfortable with. If they panic, stop, and try again later.
  • If your dog is already comfortable with the stroller’s presence, pick them up and place them in the stroller. Then, scatter treats to encourage and give rewards if they are able to remain calm.
  • Secure your dog and start moving slowly and see how they’re doing. Continue if they show positive reactions only, and reward them when they’re doing well.

Are dog stroller allowed in stores?

There is no universal rule of whether dogs are allowed (in a stroller or not). It all comes back to the stores’ management.

Therefore, it is best to always ask the store directly about their policy regarding dog strollers.

Can you use a baby stroller for a dog?

Practically Yes. But you might need to make some adjustments with the baby stroller to make it a better fit for your dog.

Also, there is a weight limit on how much a baby stroller can handle. If you own a bigger dog, you might not be able to use it.

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