Best Double Dog Strollers

Best Double Dog Strollers for Parents of Multipaw Dogs (2022)

How many furry pooches do you have at home? If you only have one then you’ll be okay with regular dog strollers for normal activities.

What about if you have three dogs or more?

Well then, you’ve really got homework to do!

With the recent invention of dog strollers and innovative dog carriers, carrying your beloved pooch everywhere has been easier and even more convenient.

Still, nobody understands the heart of a dog parent who owns a bunch of those furry babies like the best double dog stroller.


Ordinary dog parents can just stroll elegantly with their small dog inside a fancy carrier or a regular stroller.

However, on their trips to the vet, parents with multipaw dogs have to deal with A PACK of those little playful and active fuzzy little friends. They do seem little indeed, but carrying five of them all at once?

Surely you don’t expect to cramp all of them inside one stroller, do you? All those furry babies with different traits and personality inside one single per compartment?

God help us!

No worries, though! With the help of the best double dog stroller, traveling with multipaw furry friends has never been easier! is reader-supported, and as an Amazon Associate, we earn commissions from qualifying purchases (at no extra cost to you). See our disclaimer page for more information.

8 Best Double Dog Strollers in 2022

1. ibiyaya 4 Wheel Double Dog Stroller

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You want your dogs to have separate spaces, but you don’t want a bulky dog stroller? Got it!

Presenting! The ibiyaya’s 4 Wheel Double Dog Stroller, the best dog strollers for two small dogs or more, especially if you own multiple ones with different sizes.

The stroller features a double-deck design with two pet compartments of different measurements. The top pet compartment is slightly smaller. It can hold your small dogs up to 13 pounds, whereas the bottom pet compartment is larger and able to carry your multiple dogs up to 33 pounds of total weight capacity.

Ibiyaya’s double dog stroller is made of sturdy and lightweight materials. Furthermore, carrying multiple paw friends will now be a lot more convenient with its one-hand fold mechanism and a center tray with dual cup holders.

What We Like:

  • Double-deck design
  • Zippered mesh screen windows with roll-up curtain
  • 360 swivel EVA wheels with rear brakes
  • One-hand fold mechanism
  • Parent tray and dual cup holders
  • 2 safety leashes for each of the pet compartment
  • Additional pad

What We Don’t:

  • No additional storage pocket
  • No written instruction

2. Paws and Pals Double Dog Stroller

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Paws and Pals is back with their best dog stroller for two small dogs in a classic design. This brand is known for its high-quality strollers with a more affordable price. That is why this stroller is the best choice if you need to travel with all your little mushy pups, but you have a more limited budget.

The stroller comes with two side-by-side carriages measuring 31.25” L x 26” W x 38.5” H. Each of the pet carriages can hold multiple small dogs up to 50 pounds of total weight capacity. So go on! Bring all five of your Chihuahuas along! This stroller will handle them just fine! Your babies will be able to rest comfortably on an additional pad inside each of the carriage. The stroller also guarantees better airflow with its mesh screen windows and your pups’ safety with its multiple safety leash clips.

Although this stroller does not come with a tray, you can easily store your belongings inside the storage compartments under each of the carriages.

What We Like:

  • Large double pet carriages
  • Multiple safety leash clips
  • Large removable storage compartments
  • Cushioned mattresses
  • Multiple mesh screen windows

What We Don’t:

  • No trays and cup holders
  • Some users reported problems with the zippers

3. WMDD Detachable Double Dog Stroller

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You need a dog carrier? You need a stroller? Or simply a sweet sleeping room for your baby pup inside the house? WMDD Detachable double dog stroller is the answer for you!

As long as you have this extraordinarily designed double dog stroller, you will no longer need to spend too much of your cash to buy pet housings or carriers.

You can use the whole stroller when you travel with all your baby pups, but if you only need one pet compartment, you can simply remove and leave the other one at home. Its brilliant detachable design enables you to use the stroller and the carrier separately.

Moreover, since the carriers are removable, you can also use them as your baby’s sleeping area while at home. What can be more comfortable than traveling inside a familiar sleeping place? Your dog will be able to sleep like a baby (hooman)!

What We Like:

  • Double-deck design
  • Detachable carriers à multifunction
  • Side storage pockets
  • Removable cushion pads
  • Multiple mesh screen windows

What We Don’t:

  • No tray and cup holder

4. Dporticus 4 Wheel Double Dog Stroller

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If you own multiple pups in tiny and small sizes, you might want to take the Dporticus 4 Wheel Double Dog Stroller into consideration. This stroller’s side-by-side design is similar to the one owned by Paws and Pals, except that this stroller is specially created for dogs of smaller sizes.

This stroller’s carriages are slightly larger, but each carriage can only hold multiple dogs up to 30 pounds of total weight capacity. So if you own smaller dogs like Chihuahuas and teacups or toy breeds, you can still bring along a few. Yet, for slightly bigger small dogs like Beagles or Daschunds, it would probably difficult for you to fit several of them inside this stroller’s carriage.

Dporticus double dog stroller features multiple mesh screen windows and safety harness so your pups can have safer and more convenient travel. It also comes with two large undercarriage storage compartments to store your belongings.

What We Like:

  • Large double pet carriages
  • Safety tethers included
  • Large undercarriage storage compartments
  • Multiple mesh screen windows

What We Don’t:

  • No trays and cup holders

5. Dkeli Double Dog Stroller

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The first impression on the Dkeli Double Dog Stroller is its unique double-deck design that resembles a trolley you use in supermarkets. Yet, of course, this one is a more stylish and fancy dog “trolley” with high-quality waterproof nylon material.

The Dkeli double dog stroller comes with two double-deck pet compartments, with the ability to hold multiple dogs of 35 pounds of total weight capacity. The pet compartment on top is slightly smaller than the bottom, so you need to measure your dogs’ sizes carefully beforehand. This stroller also comes with removable cleaning pads and durable mesh windows so your babies will be able to rest pleasantly inside.

Additionally, Dkeli double dog stroller offers a center tray with lid and dual cup holders and extra storage pockets to securely keep your supplies. And once you are done with your trips, you can quickly collapse the stroller and store it at your convenience.

What We Like:

  • Dual Cup Holders and Center Tray with lid
  • Comfortable Padded Interior Bottom
  • Flexible joints for an easier collapse

What We Don’t:

  • Small measurements fitting only for multiple tiny to small dogs

6. WINGOFFLY Double-Deck 4 Wheels Dog Stroller

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If you would like to have a double dog stroller with fancier and stylish design, you can check out the WINGOFFLY double dog stroller. This stroller is available in four elegant colors: red, pink, coffee, and navy blue, which will accompany pet mommies and daddies during their strolls in style.

WINGOFFLY double dog stroller comes with a double-deck design, made of durable oxford fabric materials. Both of the pet compartments have the same measurement: 21.7″ L x 13.4″ W x 11.4″ H, holding multiple dogs with a total weight capacity of 40 pounds. Traveling with a pack of furry pups is indeed complicated. So, with this stroller, you do not need to bother yourself thinking about different sizing.

The stroller also features multiple large mesh screen windows for better ventilation. Moreover, its sturdy EVA wheels enable you to bring the stroller for both a simple stroll around the block or a heavier trip on graveled grounds.

What We Like:

  • Double-deck design
  • Stylish and fancy colors
  • Storage basket and a cup holder are available
  • Multiple large mesh screen windows

What We Don’t:

  • No center trays
  • Some users reported problems with the latch between the top and bottom pet compartments.

7. KARMAS PRODUCT Double Seat Dog Stroller

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Similar to human, dogs are born with different traits and characteristics. One can be very active and playful, the other one can be extremely reserved. Now, if you are a dog parent of both of these buddies, rest assured, we have the best dog stroller for two small dogs for you!

The KARMA PRODUCT double seat dog stroller is indeed a classic double dog stroller like the two previously mentioned above. However, since the maximum weight capacity for each of the carriage is only 22 pounds, this stroller is unfit for carrying too many dogs. That is why we believe that it is the perfect selection to travel with two pups in need of resting in separate carriages.

Available in three different colors, the stroller is made of sturdy double steel frame and solid materials. It also comes with padded cushion and mesh screen windows for your pups’ convenience. As for your own, the comfortable handrail and large undercarriage baskets are available to ease your travel and store your supplies.

What We Like:

  • Side-by-side pet carriages
  • Double steel frame
  • Large undercarriage storage compartments
  • Multiple mesh screen windows
  • Padded cushion

What We Don’t:

  • No trays and cup holders
  • Some users reported issues with the materials

8. LJ&XJ Double Decker Stroller

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The LJ&XJ double-decker dog stroller is perfect if you own a bunch of those furry little pups. The unique part of this double dog stroller is that you can really use its large and wide bottom pet compartment for multiple tiny-to-small dogs of different sizes. You can bring a pack of your tiny furry little pooches, and they would fit the stroller just fine!

Imagine how easy those trips to the vet or the grooming salon would be!

LJ&XJ presents a premium luxury double dog stroller with high-quality stain-resistance material. The pet carriages are effortless to disassemble and machine-washable, so it would be easier for you to clean them.

Carry your furry babies everywhere! Its EVA wheels can accompany you guys in all terrains including graveled or muddy ground.

What We Like:

  • Double-deck design
  • Large and wide bottom compartment for up to 27 pounds
  • Multiple mesh screen windows
  • Large EVA wheels
  • Stain-resistance and machine-washable materials
  • Easy (dis)assemble

What We Don’t:

  • No center tray
  • Unbalance between dimensions and weight capacity à check your dogs’ weight before using

Essential Features of Top Double Dog Strollers

There are many strollers claiming to be the best double dog strollers, so you have to be careful in choosing the right fit for you and your baby pups. The best dog stroller for two small dogs or more should offer the following essential features:


A double dog stroller comes with two pet compartments, so it will be quite spacy for travel. However, the best double dog stroller would have thought this through and came up with a solution. Therefore, choose wisely and pick a double dog stroller with the most appropriate size that would fit any door as well as your pack of little furry babies.

You can choose the double-deck design if you prefer light travel without too many extra supplies, or the side-by-side configuration if you need a double dog stroller with additional storage compartment underneath.

Safety and Protection

Since you will be bringing along multiple dogs, there is no way you can always monitor both of them altogether. After all, you only have two hands. That is why you have to make sure that your selected double dog stroller can provide the safety and protection you need for your baby pups.

Your best double dog stroller must include safety tethers in both of the pet compartments. Also, it must feature mesh screen windows for better ventilation and protection from dust and unwanted bugs, in addition to security brakes on both front and rear wheels if possible.


Now, remember that you will be the one busy with taking care and carrying both of your baby pups. If your pups are comfortable, then you will be more convenient with your travel. Therefore, choose the best double dog stroller that doesn’t only offer safety but also the best convenience for you and your dogs.

You can choose the best stroller for two small dogs that offer 360 swivel front wheels for better navigation, strong comfortable handle, easy folding mechanism, and additional storage pockets with cup holders for you. Whereas for your baby pups, features like extra cushions and roll-up curtains will help them feel more at ease to enjoy a more comfortable ride.

Your travel will be a lot more stress-free!

Following are some questions you might have when choosing a good double dog stroller.

How much is a dog stroller?

The price of a dog stroller varies depending on the quality and features they offer. You can find a dog stroller with a quite affordable price as low as 16 USD.

However, there is also a dog stroller with more premium and luxury design and features that are offered with a cost of over 1,000 USD. The price range is quite extensive indeed, that is why you have to choose your best dog stroller carefully based on your and your dog’s circumstances.

You can refer to the features mentioned above for the best double dog stroller and find out what kind of a dog stroller you need and match the elements with your available budget.

What’s your recommendation for dog stroller under 50?

There are numerous pawsome dog strollers you can get with a 50-buck budget. If you need a single dog stroller that you can use for both normal activities and exercising, our best recommendation is the Paws and Pals Three or Four Wheeler Elite Jogger Dog Stroller.

As for the double dog stroller, unfortunately, there is no double dog stroller under 50 bucks that we can recommend right now. Due to its additional features, double dog strollers commonly come with a higher price than dog strollers with a single pet compartment.

I am looking for best double dog stroller for gravel, any advice?

To make sure that your best double dog stroller can travel smoothly on gravel, you would have to choose a stroller with larger wheels that are made of EVA or air-filled tires. We know that there are more limited options for double dog strollers, but we believe that ibiyaya 4 Wheel Double Dog Stroller will be your best choice to travel on gravel.

Best Double Dog Stroller Conclusion

All things considered, the recent inventions in dog strollers and carriages have indeed made traveling with our multiple furry friends a lot easier.

Nevertheless, there is just so much weight and capacity a stroller can handle.

If you literally own a pack of these adorable cutie pups, you might need to consider their measurements and the stroller’s capacity before shoving them all inside.

At the end of the day, you need to pick the best double dog stroller that suits your circumstances the most, so your travel can be a lot more pleasurable and convenient.

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