Which Dog Breed Is Right for Me as Beginner Owner

Which Dog Breed Is Right for Me

Doggiebreeds.com – Dog is number one animal to keep as pet at home. People like this animal due to many reasons. However, it is not easy for beginner to find the right dog breed. Which dog breed is right for me? This question comes from novices or first time owners that need the answer immediately. You may see Rottweiler is good for you, but check the next list below for better options.

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Which Dog Breed Is Right for Me as Beginner Owner

Which Dog Breed Is Right for Me
Which Dog Breed Is Right for Me
  1. Golden retriever

Having dog means responsibility and commitment, which is important to keep dog as the companion and more than pet. Dog should be suitable with your home or apartment alongside the personality. One of recommended breeds is Golden Retriever. This breed has active, fun, and lovely character that makes it as top choice for family. You can enjoy playing outdoor or just sit next at couch while this dog sits quietly. So, which dog breed is right for me for first timer? Golden retriever is the right answer.

  1. Spaniel

Spaniel is categorized as small dog with low maintenance. There is opinion regarding small to medium dog breeds is not suitable for beginner because it takes much attention and maintenance. On contrary, you do not get such matter when having spaniel at home. This dog is suitable to keep at home or apartment then enjoy its companion in your indoor activity. This is the right dog breed for beginner.

  1. Greyhound

You may intend to have dog with easy to bring for outdoor, but quite when stay at home. Greyhound is the right choice to answer which dog breed is right for me as beginner. This breed enjoys sitting and sleeping at couch without bother with anything. However, Greyhound is friendly and active dog to follow owner while running. This dog is safe for children. That’s the good reason to have at home. Low maintenance, friendly, and loyal are the traits which are essential to have for dog when beginners want to own them.

  1. Terrier

Terrier has several sub-breeds and you may pick one of them to have at home. This dog is popular due to fun characteristics and easy maintenance. Keep in mind that easy maintenance is different from low. Dog may take more attention, but still in normal level without much effort.

Which dog breed is right for me as first time owner? You have four options to choose. Golden retriever is your best choice if you do not have much knowledge and experience about the dog. Therefore, enjoy your pet as companion in life.

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