Dog Carrier

For a new pet parent, you’re probably wondering about which essential dog items you should buy for your new puppy, or adult dog.

Among common things like food and toys, dog carrier is not only a nice to have stuff anymore but has become a must have item for your dog.

Today’s dog carriers can be used anywhere. They are very light, stylish and convenient, not heavy and bulky like the old traditional dog carriers.

In fact, right now there are many types of dog carrier you can choose from.

From backpack, front pack, sling and even luxurious/designer dog carriers are available to provide the easiest way to transport your pet.

They are super stylish for you and ultra comfortable for your dog.

Moreover, what precautions do you take for your dog when you take her for a ride in the car?

Well, for your pets’ protection and your piece of mind, of course, no car would be complete without a pet car seat.

So, if you are still in searching mode, check out our list of best dog carriers below.

We hope it would shed some light on how to choose the right one.